“Finding Nemo” has found a DVD date

‘Nemo’ floats DVD, outswims the rest
Finding Nemo is expected to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time today, the same day Disney announces plans for the Nemo DVD.
Since opening May 30, Nemo has grossed $312.7 million.
Since opening May 30, Nemo has grossed $312.7 million, just shy of Disney’s 1994 hit The Lion King, which made $312.9 million. Nemo is already the biggest film of 2003.
“Who would have thought? It’s pretty wild and we’re all pinching ourselves,” Nemo writer/director Andrew Stanton says. The Oscar-nominated filmmaker co-wrote all four previous Disney/Pixar films including Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.
The two-disc Nemo DVD will hit stores Nov. 4. Among the highlights: a Jean-Michel Cousteau documentary of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, where the film is set; a fish encyclopedia; deleted scenes; a cool option that allows you to turn your TV into a virtual aquarium; and a sneak peek at the next Disney/Pixar film, The Incredibles, opening November 2004.
As for Nemo’s future, there are no plans for a sequel √≥ yet. “We’re not going to let the hype influence us into making rash decisions,” Stanton says. “If there is a sequel, it will happen when there’s a story that’s equal or better than the first.”