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The funniest thing you will read today!

She Can’t Be Serious!!!
It seems that “Canadian Idol” judge Sass Jordan feels that the Canadian edition is much better than its American counterpart. “In Canada, it is more popular because it is us. It’s relative to us and it’s way more interesting and funny and exciting than American Idol. No offence to them, but we’re 1000 times better. The American one sort of fits a brand, it’s like Kraft Dinner. We’re like motherf–king macaroni and cheese!
“It (American Idol) seems totally manufactured. Also the level of competition that they have doesn’t even come close to what we have here. It’s not the cookie-cutter ones you would expect.”
I wonder what she is on! She should share it with everyone who watches the Canadian show. Maybe that way it would be entertaining, in anyway.
Oh well, the funniest thing you will actually read today is not that, it’s this. And this is a true story:
One day Sass introduced herself to Gene Simmons, from Kiss, by simply saying “I’m Sass.” Simmons promptly replied, “What’s your last name? Katoon?
Ah ha ha ha!!! And she thinks Canadian Idol is better than the American one! Oh, man! Is that funny!