Gaye tells us what’s goin’ on

Reloaded Answers
Nona Gaye, who played Zee in THE MATRIX: RELOADED, says REVOLUTIONS will give some answers.
Nona Gaye, who reprises the role of Zee in the upcoming sequel film The Matrix Revolutions, told SCI FI Wire that the conclusion of the trilogy will answer all of the questions raised by The Matrix Reloaded. “People will be relieved when they see Revolutions,” Gaye said in an interview. “I know a lot of people are like, ‘What’s going on?'”
Gaye promised that the film will still be philosophically complex and that viewers will still have to work to understand the film’s answers. “I think it depends on your perception,” she said. “When I read the script, it made sense to me.” The actress added that she was not surprised to see so many skeptics speak out against Reloaded in reviews and Internet postings after its May release. “There are always going to be skeptics,” she said. “You can’t make everyone happy.”
Zee was only featured in a few scenes of Reloaded, in the human city of Zion. But Gaye said that viewers will see more of her in Revolutions. “Number three is where I get down,” she said. “I’m doing a lot of diving and running and jumping and stuff.” The Matrix Revolutions opens Nov. 5.