So now theres “The Gap”, “Baby Gap” and “Skanky No Longer Relevant Gap.”

Madonna to Star in Gap Ad Campaign
NEW YORK – Madonna will be the new face for Gap’s fall multimillion dollar ad campaign.
Gap spokeswoman Claudia Hawkins would give few details on the campaign, set to break July 28, other than to say the campaign also features rap star Missy Elliott.
Over the past several years, Gap has enlisted a diverse group of celebrities for its advertising, including actors Christina Ricci, Anjelica Huston, and Dennis Hopper. But experts believe signing the pop icon is the biggest coup yet for the retailer, which needs additional buzz to continue its turnaround.
“This is the coolest idea. Madonna has kept her image fresh,” said Mike Toth, president and chief creative director for Toth Brand Imaging, a brand and advertising company with offices in New York and Concord, Mass.
Toth said the pop icon will resonate well with the group that the chain wants to bring back to the stores ó shoppers in their 30s and early 40s.
Madonna hasn’t done a lot of commercials for products, though she endorsed Pepsi several years ago, said her publicist Liz Rosenberg.
And why Gap? “Why not Gap?” Rosenberg asked, noting that Madonna wears the clothes.
Madonna is also set to do some tie-ins with Gap to promote her children’s book, “The English Roses,” due out Sept. 15. Rosenberg declined to offer details.
After two years of disappointing sales, Gap started seeing business bounce back last fall with a return to the more basic fashions that fueled the company’s expansion during the 1990s.
Gap announced in May a significant improvement in its first-quarter earnings. The company reported $202.5 million in profits for the three months ended May 3 ó five times higher the year-earlier period.