Get ready!

‘American Idol 3’ Sets First Audition Dates
LOS ANGELES ( – FOX is getting an early start in searching for the next “American Idol.”
Although the show isn’t scheduled to return to the air in 2004, auditions for the third edition of the talent search will begin in August. “American Idol” scouts will set up shop in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and New York to see what will most likely be thousands of would-be Kelly Clarksons, Ruben Studdards and Clay Aikens.
Tentative dates for the auditions are as follows:
* Los Angeles, date TBA
* Houston, Wednesday, Aug. 13
* Atlanta, Wednesday, Aug. 20
* New York, Monday, Aug. 25
Venues for each city will be announced later. Other audition cities may also be added at a later time. The show’s web site,, will carry updates on the audition process.
About 50,000 people flocked to seven cities last fall to try out for the second “American Idol.” When the show ended in May, Studdard was the last man standing, narrowly beating Aiken to claim the title of American Idol. Both singers have since seen their debut singles hit the top of the Billboard charts; full-length albums from Studdard and Aiken are due later this year.