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Clay Aiken Fans Claim ‘American Idol’s’ Results Fixed
It seems that not everyone was happy with the outcome of this season’s American Idol. A large group of AI fans have banded together online and have started an email campaign to Fox and the Federal Communications Commission (or FCC), alleging that the talent contest was fixed in favor of winner Ruben Studdard.
A group of emailed complaints collected by–who requested them from the FCC under the Freedom Of Information Act–profile various complaints, including the accusation that Fox provided fewer lines for runner-up Clay Aiken’s voters, that judge Simon Cowell deliberately refrained from picking on Studdard’s weight, and that the Fox producers lied about the number of votes received.
The FCC is said to be looking into the matter.
Three weeks ago, just prior to the final vote, Ruben Studdard said there’s no rivalry between him and Aiken. “We’re really good friends, man,√Æ Studdard said. √¨You can’t help to be with, around these people that long, and not build friendships. I think me and Clay’s albums will both do well, and will sell a lot of copies, and everybody’ll be happy.”