I wanted to buy one, just for a souvenir, but the online ones are sold out! Oh well, maybe I will take that $21.50 and buy some licorice. Sure, its only candy. But I like it, like it, yes I do!

Stones T.O. ticket sales reach 475,000
TORONTO (CP) — When the Rolling Stones asked people to spend the night together to help SARS-stricken Toronto, fans listened.
As of the weekend, 475,000 tickets for the star-studded concert have been sold, J.P. Pampena, a spokesman for the event, said Monday. Of those, 50,000 were sold to U.S. consumers.
Organizers say sales will likely be capped at 600,000 tickets although Pampena said the facility, an old military base in the city’s north end, can hold a lot more.
“The Pope had more than 800,000,” he said referring to last year’s World Youth Day.
The show, an all-day musical extravaganza on July 30, will also feature AC/DC, The Guess Who, Rush, Sam Roberts, The Flaming Lips, The Isley Brothers, Kathleen Edwards, Justin Timberlake and Sass Jordan.
Tickets are $21.50 each.