I hope they beware the Tiki god!

‘Brady Bunch’ Films Hawaii Documentary
HONOLULU РThirty years after their family vacation was almost ruined by the curse of an ancient tiki doll, the Bradys are back in Hawaii. †
“Is this like an acid flashback or what?” joked Barry Williams, who played oldest son Greg on “The Brady Bunch.”
Several original cast members from the ’70s sitcom have been in the islands this week filming a 90-minute documentary for the Travel Channel. Robert Reed, who played father Mike Brady, died in 1992.
“The Bradys are the foremost family in television history,” said executive producer and creator James Romanovich. “I thought with the 30-year anniversary of their filming in Hawaii, it would be great to bring them back and have them be themselves in a ‘Real World’-style show.”
Cast members have visited most of the locations the TV family toured 30 years ago. Even famed island crooner Don Ho makes a surprise appearance, just as he did in the 1973 episode, and sings a song with Carol Brady herself, Florence Henderson.
“It’s like a wonderful children’s book that you loved as a child that you want to share with your children,” Henderson told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin for Thursday’s editions. “When another generation comes along and finds the show, their parents know it already, so it gives the family something to relate to.”
Other cast members taking part are Christopher Knight (Peter), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy). Producers said Ann B. Davis, who played wisecracking housekeeper Alice, is retired and doesn’t like to travel.
The documentary is scheduled to air early next year.