Katzenberg on SHREK 2

Dreamworks exec Jeffrey Katzenberg talks the plot for SHREK 2.
Jeffrey Katzeberg has been busy talking up the Shrek sequel and Animated Movies scored a quote about what we can expect storywise: “‘Shrek 2′ is about coming to terms with the fact that everything that happened in the first Shrek was a gigantic mistake. Shrek was not meant to rescue Fiona. Her true love was meant to be Prince Charming. There was a whole plan of what was going to happen to Fiona, her future and her kingdom, and Shrek has made a fine mess of all of it. It begins with an invitation from Fiona’s mom and dad, who, you recall, locked her away in a castle to await Prince Charming’s kiss”.
Now if you thought the fees Marlon Brando got for “Superman” or Anthony Hopkins scored for “M:I-2” were exorbitant, wait till you hear about this. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz will be reportedly getting $10 million each for just 15 or 20 hours’ worth of vocal work on “Shrek 2”, plus a bonus $5 million if the film is a success.