Chaplin at a glance
The Gold Rush (1925): Chaplin’s most famous film, this silent cemented his role as the beloved “Little Tramp.” The DVD includes both the silent original and the 1942 edit in which Chaplin added sound narration. Extras include the original score, remastered in surround sound, and an interview with his former wife, Lita Gray Chaplin.
Modern Times (1936): His final silent finds Chaplin at his slapstick best, as a factory worker tired of both his job and his tyrannical boss. Extras include the complete version of the nonsense song Chaplin sings in the cafe scene and an interview with the musical arranger David Raksin.
The Great Dictator (1940): Chaplin’s first film with dialogue, in which he plays the dual roles of a kindly Jewish barber and a murderous dictator. The DVD includes rare home movies shot in color on the set.
Limelight (1952): Chaplin’s final American film includes several of his children, including Sydney. DVD extras include home movies of Chaplin and his kids in London, and six minutes of Chaplin’s unfinished 1919 film, The Professor.