Sam Jackson on Windu

Samuel L. Jackson talks Mace Windu’s fate in STAR WARS EPISODE III.
Samuel L. Jackson revealed the fate of his Star Wars: Episode III character, Mace Windu, in a spoiler-filled interview with “I’m just going to die, you know?” Jackson told the site. “I’m basically going down there, hoping that I’m going to have this really awesome lightsaber battle with somebody that takes me out in the proper way. You know, the way a Jedi of my status deserves to be taken out.”
Jackson said that he travels to Australia next month to begin work on George Lucas’ third and final Star Wars prequel. “I never realized I would end up with some kind of franchise character that’s in the middle of a big franchise of its own, but it’s very cool,” Jackson said. “Mace is kind of evolving for me. And it’s been a wonderful experience, being able to be in Star Wars, first of all because I was a huge fan. I used to sit around and wonder how you got into something like that, and how great it would be to be in it. Fortunately for me, somebody must have heard me, and I’m in it!” Star Wars: Episode III is scheduled to hit theaters in 2005.