Demi is in Vogue again

‘Angels’ on Demi’s shoulders
Demi Moore had not been thinking of “making a comeback” when she agreed to be the villainness in June 27’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, she says in the new Vogue.
Instead, Angels co-producer and star Drew Barrymore made it a personal mission to get Moore for the movie. “We wrote the part for her and wouldn’t accept no for an answer. We were willing to do whatever it took. Demi was a huge battle for me that I had to win.”
“I was tempted and lured,” says Moore “They were so sweet. They all left messages on my answer phone: ‘Oh, we want you to do this soooo much!’ ”
Gone for six years, she’s now back. But it was never a matter of leaving the business.
“For me, I wasn’t ‘turning my back’ on Hollywood. I wasn’t ‘retiring’ or ‘becoming a recluse,’ ” she says. “I probably stepped into the most traditional role I’ve ever experienced √≥ mother √≥ in the sense of its being an exclusive focus.”
The interview, clearly done before she hooked up with young, hot Ashton Kutcher, quotes her saying that she’s not in love: “No!”
But she gets on “really, really well” with ex-husband Bruce Willis, with whom she has three daughters. “We give our children a wonderful thing, which is authentic love.”
As for how authentic her 40-year-old body is? She says she was obsessed by her size for a while, prompting a spate of 1990s movies and magazine covers in which she stripped.
“People assumed it was me trying to be provocative, or trying to help my career, when really it was an effort to overcome huge, huge insecurities with my body, and having had huge struggles with my weight.”
After 1997’s G.I. Jane, she calmed down about her body, she says. “I literally stopped doing anything” √≥ including dieting and exercising.
“It was time to put down the measuring stick,” she says. “I had to work toward what would be an emotional haven.”
And now, she looks better than ever.