Ruben, don’t forget what made you a star!

Ruben Studdard to No Longer Wear Jerseys
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard said he no longer will wear the colorful jerseys that helped set him apart from other contestants on the Fox television show.
Studdard wore the jerseys emblazoned with the numbers 2-0-5 ó referring to the area code for his hometown of Birmingham ó throughout much of the competition, which he won last month on a vote by TV viewers.
But in an interview Sunday with The Birmingham News, Studdard said “a combination of things” led him to decide not to wear the shirts made by 205 Flava Inc. anymore.
“I will always represent the area 205, but 205 Flava is not indicative of what I am about,” Studdard, 24, said while in Birmingham to record the video for his new single, “Flying Without Wings.”
He would not elaborate further on his decision.
Willie Jenkins, an owner of 205 Flava, said Sunday he was stunned at the news. “I don’t understand why this man would say what he said,” Jenkins said. “I have been behind him 110 percent.”
Jenkins said Studdard asked him about wearing a jersey to represent Birmingham after making the top 32 on the show. From then on, the store shipped jerseys to Studdard in Los Angeles every week when he needed them, Jenkins said.
Studdard’s wearing the jerseys led to increased sales, but the men had no formal agreement that he would be paid for his endorsement.
“I want Ruben to be rewarded for his success via merchandise sales,” said Alvin Garrett, Studdard’s close friend and business partner for the Music Caterers entertainment company. “I don’t want people to prosper if they are exploiting my friend.”
Jenkins said he is talking with Studdard’s entertainment company about an endorsement deal but none has been made.