From the “Musicians get lonely too!” file

Michelle Branch Opens Up To ‘Blender’
Nineteen-year old Michelle Branch delivers a candid interview in the June/July issue of Blender magazine, which features Jewel on the cover. The singer revealed that fame has caused problems in her love life.
“I think people assume that they can’t ask me out for some reason,” Branch said. “Once in a while, I’ll play a show and there’ll be a cute guy in the audience or something, but either he’s wearing a shirt with my face on it or carrying a sign saying, ‘If you want to, I can date you.'” Branch jokingly added, “I can only hope that I go on tour with a cute band.”
Unfortunately for Branch’s libido, her next outing has her serving as the opening act on the Dixie Chick’s tour. She begins her supporting run for the Chicks on June 19 in Boston.
Branch will release her sophomore album Hotel Paper on June 24. The CD’s first single “Are You Happy Now” climbs up 22 spots to Number 48 on the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart.