That’s cool. Their version of “Furry Happy Monsters” from Sesame Street was live enough!

R.E.M.: No ‘Shiny Happy People’ Live
LOS ANGELES – R.E.M. intends to release a greatest hits album, which will mean the concerts that will follow will be full of hits, too.
Just maybe not all the hits, the band said.
Guitarist Peter Buck told the Los Angeles Times that the tune, “Losing My Religion” will be a song the band will always keep in rotation. And singer Michael Stipe said he will continue to do “Man on the Moon” because it makes him feel “the most heroic.”
But both agreed they will never perform “Shiny Happy People.” Stipe said they probably won’t do “Stand” or “Pop ’69” either.
“We were trying to write super, super pop songs for kids, like The Monkees and The Banana Splits did,” Stipe said, “and we overstretched our abilities.”