Dammit!!! I leave Toronto on May 31st!!!

Shania, Neil Young May Join SARS Concert
TORONTO (AP) √≥ According to Canadian reports, Shania Twain and Neil Young are both rumored to be considering participating in a concert billed as “the music event of a lifetime.”
It’s all part of countering the problem of SARS. Toronto officials are hoping the star-studded June 21 show will restore the city’s reputation as a fun, safe place to visit and bring much-needed tourism dollars to the city.
Pop artists Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne and the Barenaked Ladies are already onboard for six hours of music spread across two venues to accommodate 70,0000 people. The two venues will be linked by video feed, so that fans can watch live performances from one stage and video from the other. This project is a separate one from the push to bring the Rolling Stones there for a free show to bring tourists to the city.
Officials say that while the SARS outbreak is far from over, a high-profile event is needed to demonstrate that Toronto is open for business.