Rock. Pop. Whatever! Welcome back, Liz!

Liz Phair Turns to Pop With Latest Album
NEW YORK – Hailed a decade ago as the queen of indie rock, Liz Phair now says she just wants to be a pop star.
Her new album, “Liz Phair,” due out June 24, is more mainstream than her critically acclaimed 1993 debut “Exile in Guyville.” And it’s a very calculated change.
“I didn’t want to be some ’90s act that was great in my 20s and never did anything else,” the 36-year-old musician told Entertainment Weekly for its May 30 issue.
“People are like, ‘Don’t be commercial, then,'” she said. “And that’s one way to live. But even when I made ‘Guyville,’ I was hating indie then. The whole album was about how much I hated indie.”
So she turned to the Matrix ó the trio of producers behind Avril Lavigne ó for help with her new album, although she knows the poppier sound may alienate some longtime fans.
“Should I pretend to be cool so that you will approve of me? After I had my kid, the revelation I had was, life is incredibly short,” Phair said. “I like who I am. And I’m just gonna like what I like and go for what I want go for. It’s simple.”