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D’Oh Canada: Homer Simpson Named Honorary Citizen
LOS ANGELES ( – The debate over just where the cartoon Simpson family lives has raged for years. A forthcoming act by the Canadian city of Winnipeg won’t settle it, but it will give Homer another place to hang his hat.
The city will issue a proclamation naming Homer an honorary citizen of the capital of Manitoba on Friday (May 31), the Winnipeg Sun reports. It’s not because of the “Simpsons” episode where the family travels to Canada or the recent show in which the characters join together to sing “O Canada.”
Instead, it’s because creator Matt Groening’s father, on whom Homer is loosely based, is a native of Winnipeg.
“We’re giving him a giant certificate, and there’s going to be an eight-foot-tall Homer Simpson there to receive it,” Winnipeg Councilwoman Jenny Gerbasi says.
“I think we’ll find there are lots of people in Winnipeg whose father has characteristics like Homer.”