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Kidman Says She’d Drop Acting if She Met Mr. Right
CANNES, France (Reuters) – Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman may be the current darling of Hollywood but she would be happy to give up the showbiz lifestyle to settle down with the right man. “I probably won’t do this for the rest of my life,” Kidman told a news conference on her new film “Dogville,” a favorite to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes festival this year.
“There are other things to do that interest me and I think that when I fall in love, that’s when I will stop and settle down,” said Kidman, 35, glowing in a black evening gown.
She made no reference to her divorce from celluloid pin-up Tom Cruise, who now dates Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.
Cruz, without Cruise, was in Cannes last week ago to promote “Fanfan la Tulipe,” a fluffy costume drama that couldn’t be more different from Dogville and was slated by critics.
Dogville, on the other hand, the latest epic from maverick Danish director Lars von Trier, is set to win more plaudits for the alabaster-skinned Kidman, who has gone from an actress best known as being Mrs Tom Cruise to an acclaimed artist.
Asked how she dealt with fame, Kidman said: “It’s very important to remember where you’re at and where you’ve come from. It’s surreal, but it’s important to still jump on the hotel bed and go ‘oh my God, I’m in the Hotel du Cap.”‘
Fresh from her Oscar win for her portrayal of suicidal author Virginia Woolfe, Kidman shines in Dogville as a fragile woman hiding from gangsters in a tiny, Rocky Mountain town.
The role involves her at one point wearing an iron dog collar attached to a chain, a bell and a heavy iron wheel, and bearing the brunt of the lust of every man in the town.
“The collar was not discussed on the phone,” Kidman joked. “I saw it when I arrived, and I had a pretty strong reaction.”
Praised for her high kicks and trapeze stunts in “Moulin Rouge,” Kidman is now planning a remake of “The Stepford Wives” followed by two more films with Von Trier.
But she has no intention of letting the job burn her out.
“I love being an actor. But I would hope that I have many other things than this life ahead of me,” Kidman said.
“This kind of life is a burn-out. You find yourself saying ‘I can’t do this for ever’. It will finish in its own time.”