The video I have been waiting almost a decade for has arrived!

Jewel Bares Herself!
For almost a decade pundits have wondered how long it would be before the gorgeous Jewel used her sexuality in a video to promote a song.
My friends, that day has arrived!
In her video for the song “Intuition” she can be seen in a bikini top, dancing, and moving like an exotic dancer to “show her goods” to the camera. Or as it is described on her website, “See what all the controversy is about as Jewel struts through one commercial scenario after another in this parody of sex-driven advertising and music videos. This is Jewel like you’ve never seen her before.”
Whatever the reason for this video finally being made, Jewel is one of this planet’s most beautiful women and if she is comfortable objectifying herself just to sell CD’s, so am I.
Thank you Jewel!
See the results for yourself! Jewel’s new video, “Intuition,” is available here for your viewing pleasure. Just click on “Multimedia.”