New Movie to Feature Hannibal Lecter’s Childhood
CANNES, France (Reuters) – Hannibal Lecter is to take to take to the screen again in a new film that will track the cannibal killer from childhood.
“The Lecter Variation: The Story of Young Hannibal Lecter” is now being mapped out by his creator Thomas Harris.
Producer Dino de Laurentiis said four actors will be needed to play Hannibal at the ages of 12, 16, 20 and 25 in a film that will trace his childhood in Lithuania through his teenage years in Paris to his arrival in the United States.
“Lecter was born into a very rich family but the war destroyed it and killed his parents,” De Laurentiis told the trade paper Screen International for its special edition at the Cannes Film festival on Wednesday.
“He was left with his sister with whom he had a very close relationship,” the producer said, giving a glimpse into the plot line for Lecter, brought to life on screen by Anthony Hopkins.