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Cruise wraps up ‘Last Samurai’ shoot
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Tom Cruise says he’ll miss the local beach and fish and chips now that he’s finished filming his scenes for “The Last Samurai.”
Cruise, accompanied by his two children, Conor and Isabella, flew on his private jet from the North Island town of New Plymouth Friday.
The 40-year-old actor spent nearly four months in the Taranaki province filming on the set of the movie about Japan’s legendary warrior class adapting to Western influence in the mid-19th century.
“I’m going to miss the fish and chips, we’re going to miss our Friday night McDonald’s you know, we are going to miss the beach at night,” he told a local radio station shortly before his departure.
Producers said 80 percent of the $114 million movie was shot at 10 locations around the province. “The Last Samurai” is set for release in the United States in December.