All get off! Ah ha ha ha (That’s supposed to be the opposite of the “All aboard! Ah ha ha ha!” that Ozzy yells at the start of ‘Crazy Train,’ his first single for Sony. I just don’t think it translates well to the written form, so there. Consider it expla

Osbournes Parting Ways with Sony Music
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne is leaving his Sony Music label after 23 years, and daughter Kelly, who issued her debut album on Sony last year, is going with him, family matriarch and manager Sharon Osbourne said on Friday.
Sharon Osbourne, who is negotiating her family’s exit from Sony, said in a statement that her husband and daughter were looking for “fresh ideas,” but she offered no specific explanation for their move.
The Osbournes’ publicist, Lisa Vega, called the departures, “an amicable split.” She denied a report in US Weekly magazine that Sony had dumped Kelly from its roster as she was finishing up work on a second album.
“She was not recording a second album,” Vega said.
Osbourne said she and Sony had mutually agreed that her 18-year-old daughter would leave the label after former CEO Tommy Mottola, who signed Kelly last year, left the music company in January.
“Sony has been a part of the family for years … and Tommy Mottola was the person they had dealt with all those years, and when he left, they decided it was time for a change as well,” Vega said.
No comment was immediately available from Sony Music, a division of Japanese electronics and entertainment giant Sony Corp.
A source close to the label dismissed the notion that Sony was unhappy with Kelly’s debut album, “Shut Up,” which, according to Nielsen SoundScan, sold nearly 150,000 copies in the United States, a respectable tally for a new artist.
Kelly joined Sony as she was basking in the success of her family’s MTV reality show, which turned the Osbournes into instant pop culture stars.
Ozzy Osbourne, the British-born former frontman for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath has released about a dozen albums through Sony’s Epic Records since the early 1980s, most recently this year’s “The Essential Ozzy Osbourne” collection.
Kelly Osbourne plans to embark on a European tour this summer with British pop star Robbie Williams, while her father is gearing up for a Canadian tour in early June and will headline the annual Ozzfest rock spectacle again this summer.
The third season of “The Osbournes” is due to premiere on MTV in June.