Time magazine gives everything away. We give you nothing! That way you can just let th emovie unfold in front of you, the way it should be. Time magazine, you suck!

‘Matrix’ fans unload on ‘Time’
A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. So can too much.
That’s what Time magazine is learning after revealing most of the plot details of the rabidly anticipated sci-fi thriller The Matrix Reloaded ahead of its opening next Wednesday. The article, by reviewer Richard Corliss, was careful to warn those who wished to remain in “blissful ignorance” of when spoilers began and stopped.
But blissful is not the word for Matrix fans who are upset that the publication not only spilled the beans, but also broke several unwritten rules of cinematic journalism. Namely, thou shalt not reveal surprise twists and film endings.
Expect next week’s letters column to be filled with anger. Time’s Patrick Smith couldn’t give an exact tally but says, “It’s safe to say that people are concerned.”
Joseph Nathan, 26, of Burbank, Calif., who posted a gripe on the Web site, says: “I don’t care if the story warned of spoilers or not. You shouldn’t give secrets away to a film this important. You can’t hang a sign in the street that says ‘Don’t look up’ and expect people not to look up.”
Adds Web master Mirko Parleviet: “Just because fans can’t wait to see a movie, that doesn’t mean they want to hear about it beforehand.”
Word is that Matrix producer Joel Silver is furious as well.
Time executive editor Priscilla Painton says, “It’s part of what we sell when we get exclusive news. We were the only newsmagazine with access, and that’s one of the great assets of the cover story.”
Many question that access. Time and Warner Bros., the Matrix studio, are both part of AOL Time Warner. But Painton denies any preferential treatment and says the story isn’t a review (one will run next week), though Corliss reports mixed crowd reaction.
Asked if her enjoyment of the movie was hurt, she laughs and says, “Did you see the cover line?” Which is, “If we told you everything, they’d have to kill us.”Hope no one takes them up on the offer.