Sweet! A new CD means new videos and pictures!!

Britney Spears Readying New Album
Britney Spears is already hard at work on her next album–the follow-up to her 2001 self-titled set.
According to a posting by Spears’ mother Lynne Spears on, the singer has been recording as well as taking dance classes with one of her childhood dance partners.
“Britney is really excited about her next album,” Lynne wrote. “Everything has fallen into place, and the result is great–the music is fantastic!”
“Britney’s been working out,” Lynne added. “She went to a dance class taught by her old friend, Brittany Hastings. She said that it was a great workout in addition to her regular routine.”
As for Britney’s new shoulder-length brown hair, her mother explains, “She was tired of the same look…. a new look seems to give you extra spunk and energy.”