I remember her from when she first started. She was only 80 then.

Canadian Sex Expert Entertains Dave
NEW YORK (CP) — Canadian sex therapist Sue Johanson engaged in a frank and humorous exchange on David Letterman’s The Late Show on Wednesday in a conversation that covered such topics as masturbation and penis size.
The talk show host seemed to choke on words like “ejaculate” from Johanson, whose straight talk on sex elicited uproarious laughter and applause from the audience, as well as mock astonishment from Letterman.
“What people don’t realize is that penis size does not matter, because the top two-thirds of the vagina has no nerve endings, there’s nobody home up there,” she said to a roar of audience approval.
Letterman’s response was to tell Late Show band leader Paul Shaffer, also a Canadian, not to be embarrassed.
Johanson’s Sunday Night Sex Show is in its eighth season on Canadian TV and is seen on W, the Women’s Television Network. She also hosts a parallel show, called Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, on the U.S. channel Oxygen.
And Johanson broke into laughs after the talk show host seemed to have trouble spitting the word “intercourse” out.
When asked about taking calls from viewers that might be “putting her on,” Johanson said she always gives honest advice.
“Although it may be a put on call, somebody out there has that question. And they really believe if you swallow ejaculate you can get pregnant.”
Letterman simply coughed and cleared his throat in reply.
The Late Show host seemed to especially enjoy an anecdote concerning a caller who asked if it was OK to masturbate into a jar of peanut butter.
“That will get you thrown out of the supermarket,” he said.
Johanson returned the quip, saying her studio director told her to ask the man if the peanut butter was “crunchy or smooth?”
“Well sure, makes all the difference,” Letterman said.
“I’ve never eaten peanut butter since,” she replied.
The sex therapist also said Canada is more progressive regarding sex education than the United States, and put the difference down to politics.
The former nurse and educator is a popular interview subject, having appeared in January on Conan O’Brien’s late-night talkfest. She has also written three books on sexuality and her show was the subject of yet another publication, Nocturnal Admissions: Behind the Scenes of the Sunday Night Sex Show.