Three Days, Baby! – Part 1

“X2: X Men United” is apparently receiving a bigger screen debut than “Spider-Man” – but it isn’t expected to spin the kind of massive box-office grosses Spidey did a year ago.
The sequel debuts in 93 countries and territories around the world simultaneously on Friday – which 20th Century Fox claims marks the broadest opening ever for a movie. Many big films are opening at the same time internationally because of concerns about piracy.
The first film, 2000’s “X-Men,” opened at $54.5 million and went on to rake in $294 million worldwide.
Last year, “Spider-Man” smashed records with a $114 million three-day debut in the United States before going on to gross $806 million worldwide.
Box-office analyst Len Klady of predicts “X2” will probably do $60 to $70 million in business this weekend.
Early reviews have called “X2” superior to the original.