Singer Talks X2 Cuts (PS – 4 days, baby!)

X-MEN 2 director Bryan Singer talks about some of the things he had to leave out of the film.
Bryan Singer, director of the upcoming X-Men sequel film, X2, told SCI FI Wire that a lot of comic mythology didn’t make it into the second movie, but could end up in a third. “Possibly,” he said in an interview. “You choose your battles. You figure out what serves the story and what is ultimately tangential.”
Singer added, “[In] each X-Men film, we lost a character. I had to battle Beast out of the first film. I think Angel was a character that found its way into almost towards the final drafts of this script. I had a wonderful scene with Angel that I was very fond of, and had to get rid of, because you don’t want to have characters and plot lines for the sake of having characters and plot lines.”
Singer said that he had to cut other elements from X2, including a scene featuring Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the Danger Room and others involving the Sentinels. X2 opens May 2.