This is horrible! All that are left now is a cow, a group of nerds, and a woman who looks like comedian Eddie Griffin!

Carmen Rasmussen, the youngest “American Idol 2” contestant, got the heave-ho on last night’s live episode.
“It’s such a big stepping stone. It’s been awesome,” the blond, bubbly 18-year-old said after learning of her fate.
The Bountiful, Utah, native smiled bravely after being told by “AI2” host Ryan Seacrest that she was voted off by the show’s fans.
With Rasmussen gone, that leaves five contestants: fan favorite Ruben Studdard, Marine Josh Gracin, jug-eared Clay Aiken and Tennessee natives Trenyce and Kimberley Locke.
Josh and Trenyce had, along with Carmen, received the least amount of votes from “AI2” viewers.
“Not one of these three have any chance of winning this competition,” “AI2” judge Simon “Mr. Nasty” Cowell had said before Carmen learned of her fate. “Whichever two of you are left, you really have to raise your game.”
That means Josh and Trenyce were put on notice by Cowell, whose opinions are deemed influential to the viewers voting at home.
Kelly Clarkson, who won the first “American Idol” competition last summer, was shown on last night’s show receiving word that her first album, “Thankful,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard pop charts.