He should just change the name to “The Bee-yatch Boys”

Brother Records sues ex-Beach Boy
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Brother Records Inc. is suing former Beach Boys singer-guitarist Al Jardine for using the band’s name when he tours.
The Superior Court lawsuit, filed Monday, claims Jardine is touring under: Beach Boys Family & Friends; Al Jardine, Beach Boy; and Al Jardine of the Beach Boys.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled Jan. 28 that Jardine can’t use the Beach Boys name, which belongs to Brother Records, a company jointly held by Jardine, Mike Love, Brian Wilson and the estate of Carl Wilson. Love is the sole licensee to perform under the name.
Brother Records wants a court order preventing Jardine from using the name, $2 million in court costs, and unspecified damages from loss of earnings because of unfair competition pitting Jardine’s concert appearances against Beach Boys lead singer Love’s.
Brother Records said Monday that the 60-year-old Jardine “did not agree to abide by terms of a proposed license” so he was denied use of the name.
Recorded messages left after business hours for plaintiffs’ attorney Alfred G. Rava and Jardine attorney Jeffrey Benice were not immediately returned.
The issue has been in litigation since 1998. Jardine appealed a 2002 ruling in favor of Love, whom Jardine says excluded him from Beach Boys concerts in 2001. Jardine is seeking $4 million in damages.