She’ll be a solo star, no doubt!

Stefani working on solo material
No Doubt may be on hiatus, but singer Gwen Stefani is keeping herself busy.
Gwen Stefani is in the studio with hitmakers the Matrix (Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears) working on solo material, MTV reports.
“I am not quite sure if it will become a full-blown solo project, singles for a soundtrack or just songs,” Stefani posted on the band’s official web site. “I am just kind of letting it take me where it takes me and see what happens.”
Stefani has already seen success from her solo work with hit singles she made with Moby and Eve.
She has also been busy working on her own clothing line and reading scripts for possible movie deals.
“Although I really haven’t made a decision yet, if the right part were to come along, I think I would try working in film. I think it might be another challenging place to express myself creatively.”