Personally, I’m keeping my February date the same!

Grammys, American Music Awards Shuffle Dates
LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – Look for the next Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards (AMAs) to move from their traditional annual calendar slots.
For 2004, the Grammys are switching from their usual late-February date to Sunday, February 8. The move is taking place to avoid a head-on collision with the Academy Awards, which will be moved next year from their usual late-March perch to late February. Additionally, the 2004 Grammys are expected to return to L.A. after this year’s stint in New York.
Taking a bigger leap forward are the AMAs. That show is migrating from its usual early-January slot to Nov. 16, 2003, also a Sunday. According to sources, the move was in the works before the Grammys decided to shuffle forward.
“ABC has wanted the AMAs to move back to November so the show could air during sweeps, but the problem was always Monday Night Football,” a source says. “And there was no way the show could air during the February sweeps period because of the Grammys.”
In its usual January time, the AMAs also found itself competing with numerous other awards shows, as well as scrambling to hold a ceremony immediately after the holidays.