Once again, I think Fred has gone nuts!

Limp Bizkit May Start Over on Album
NEW YORK (Billboard) – The upcoming Limp Bizkit album could be receiving yet another facelift, according to a post from frontman Fred Durst on the group’s official Web site.
Durst indicates that the group may scrap some or all of the 19 songs originally intended for the set, in favor of brand new tracks written with new guitarist Mike Smith.
“We will still have it ready to release before the tour with Metallica,” Durst said. “The 19 songs we wrote without Mike are still amazing and sitting on the shelf waiting on me to do whatever the hell I want to do with them.”
Last month, Limp Bizkit was thought to be in the final stages of work on the album, which has been given myriad release dates and titles. But Durst then announced that the group had recorded further material with rappers Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, and publicly wrestled with which cut should be released as the first radio single. The Summer Sanitarium tour, which also features Linkin Park, kicks off July 4 in Detroit.