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Kid Rock’s True Love Reflected In ‘Picture’
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s hit duet, “Picture,” continues to rapidly climb both the country and adult contemporary singles charts, but it might never have seen the light of day had it not been for Rock’s eccentric girlfriend, actress Pamela Anderson. Anderson said she personally brought the song to syndicated radio show host Rick Dees and had him play it, creating a domino effect with stations around the country who immediately picked up on it and added it to their playlists. Prior to recording “Picture” himself, Rock tried to pitch the song to various country singers, including Faith Hill.
Anderson adds that the irony in the song’s success is that Rock’s label told him he’d be committing career suicide if he recorded and released a country song.
“He doesn’t have a lot of support on the West Coast and so I brought it into Rick Dees and I made him play it, and it started gettin’ picked up and stuff and now it’s all over the place,” Anderson said. “I love Sheryl. She’s real cool and we kind of laughed at some of the stuff that was goin’ on in the press, but it’s all good. He’s been tryin’ to get someone to sing that song for years and years and years, like Faith, and I think he tried to give it to someone else, and his record company told him it would ruin his career if he sang a country song, and that’s just who he is.”
While Rock’s recorded music is rap- and rock-heavy, Anderson said that his true love is country music, which he plays at every opportunity with friends like Travis Tritt, Hank Williams, Jr. and Rascal Flatts, among others.
“I think everyone’s really surprised, but, you know, I hear him play, like every night, play the blues, play with all his friends, and his friends are from Travis to Hank to Rascal Flatts–I mean, anyone that’s around,” Anderson said. “This is the music that he plays. Everything else is sides of him too, but I think more so country.”
“Picture” is featured on Rock’s current album, Cocky.