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Lewinsky to Host Dating Reality Show
NEW YORK – Handbag maker, gossip-column fodder and former presidential intern Monica Lewinsky has a new gig: host of a dating game on Fox called “Mr. Personality.”
“I’ve come to realize that I’ve already had my own reality show,” Lewinsky told Newsweek for a story in this week’s editions, out Monday.
“Mr. Personality,” which debuts April 21, will feature a stockbroker named Hayley and 20 masked men vying for her affection. Hayley must choose a man based on his inner beauty.
In addition to hosting the show, Lewinsky offers dating advice in her role as Hayley’s confidante.
The woman who has pleaded for privacy in the past told Newsweek she realizes she is a public figure.
“I walk down the street and people recognize me,” Lewinsky said. “That happened before I decided to do this show, and it will happen after.”
Lewinsky is not sure if she’ll continue in television. She’s still designing purses and is considering law school or graduate school in psychology.
“I’m trying to see what is going to work best for me and what is my career,” she said. “I’m trying to figure out my life.”