I continued to be inspired by Jewel. Mmmm…Jewel!

Jewel’s Latest Project Inspired By War
Jewel’s upcoming album, 0304, was done with war time in mind. The singer recently told VH1: “During the Second World War, big band music was at its zenith. I knew we were headed to war, and I wanted to make a record that was fun, that made you have the same feelings as big band music and just makes you want to lose yourself in rhythm and feel passionate and young.”
Jewel, who has an aunt and an uncle in the Marines, has been closely following the war in Iraq. “I’m glad people are talking about it now,” she told VH1. “It’s gotten to where it’s frightening to see how little people are being encouraged to speak against it. I wish it wasn’t happening, but I’d hate for the troops to feel unsupported. I don’t make the decisions.
It’s frustrating.”
The singer-songwriter is still completing 0304, which is set for release on June 3. The album’s first single, “Intuition,” was recently released to radio.