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Poll: Fans Still Burned By Dixie Chicks
WASHINGTON – A new online survey by a Web marketing company shows that a majority of the 1,200 people polled are “less likely” to purchase Dixie Chicks CDs, concert tickets and merchandise.
New Media Strategies cites online responses as proof that country music fans are still rankled by Natalie Maines’ comments to a London audience almost four weeks ago.
NMS asked a subset of country music fans from Texas “Are you are embarrassed that Natalie Maines and The Dixie Chicks are from the Lone Star State?” The marketing firm says 75 percent said, “Yes.”
The Texas trio’s lead singer, Natalie Maines, irked many of the group’s fans last month when she told a London audience, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”
Maines has since issued an apology but that hasn’t stopped the firestorm of criticism.