Cameron To Return to ALIEN?

James Cameron may direct another ALIEN movie.
James Cameron, who directed Aliens, held out the possibility of helming another installment of the popular SF franchise in an interview with the Edmonton Sun newspaper. Cameron told the paper that it would have to be truly scary and likely an R-rated film.
The 1979 original Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, “holds a special classic niche as one of the great terrifying experiences,” Cameron said. “And the trick [to making a new Alien film] is you don’t go crazy and make a $150-million movie, because you don’t want to have to compromise. You don’t want to try to do a PG-13 Alien that is all things to everyone.”
Cameron added, “It’s got to still maintain its roots in this kind of cinematic id. Ridley did it really beautifully. He just kind of put you into this Freudian nightmare space.”