Dunst Resumes Mary Jane Role

Kirsten Dunst talks about how the character of Mary Jane Watson has evolved in SPIDER-MAN 2.
Kirsten Dunstówho reprises the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming sequel film The Amazing Spider-Manótold SCI FI Wire that moviegoers should expect a very different character. “She’s going to be a much stronger woman and empowered by herself and her sexuality and her choices in life,” Dunst said in an interview. “She’s going to be a very strong woman.”
Dunst added, “I felt that Mary Jane was a little insecure in the beginning and didn’t know what she wanted. Now she’s taking hold of her life and her decisions and not letting Peter [Tobey Maguire] dictate how their relationship should go.”
Dunst said that the sequel deals with loneliness and picks up the first film’s theme of responsibility and great power. She added that she met with director Sam Raimi and the screenwriters last year, before any script was written. “[They] asked where I saw my character going and what I wanted,” she said. “And they gave it to me. That’s really nice, to be able to change things and to really be creatively involved in where you want your character to go. … I think it’s going to be better than the first one, for sure.”
The Amazing Spider-Man starts production on April 12, with an eye to a July 2, 2004, release.