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Natalie Maines Says President Remark Was A ‘Joke’
Dixie Chick Natalie Maines told a New Zealand TV reporter last week that her now-infamous slam at President George W. Bush was a joke.
Maines admitted that she told a London concert audience that the group was ashamed that the President is from their home state of Texas, but added, “It was a joke and it wasn’t planned. And it was really funny at the time. It got lots of cheers, and that’s what it was meant for. You see the trouble that you can get into if you speak religion or politics. It gets people very upset.”
Maines issued a written apology after making the remark at a March 10 concert, but stations continued to ban the Chicks’ music on radio stations across the country.
In addition, the Dixie Chicks’ Home album saw a more than 40 percent decline in sales after Maines’s remark.