Bring Julia back! Kimberly Caldwell is just a big fake phoney! Julia rules!

Idol Diva Julia DeMato Sounds Off!
Let’s face it, Julia DeMato endeared herself to no one during the first few weeks of American Idol 2. Crying fits? Check. On-stage outbursts? Check. Petty feuds? Check. But a funny thing happened to the 24-year-old prima donna once the competition entered its final phase: She extracted that nasty chip from her shoulder. Of course, three consecutive weeks in the bottom three would humble the most diehard of divas. Still, DeMato’s classy, graceful reaction upon getting voted off last week offered proof that the wannabe pop star had indeed turned a corner in the personality department. Six days later, DeMato was still on her best behavior when she phoned TV Guide Online to answer some rather tough questions posed by our readers.
TV Guide Online: First off, do you have any comment on Corey Clark’s ejection?
Julia DeMato: I really don’t know what’s going on, so I can’t comment on it.
TVGO: Fair enough. We received a lot of questions from readers wondering what the deal was with Kimberly Caldwell’s crying fit last week. John wants to know if you think “Kimberly was crying because you were voted off or because she herself was in the bottom three?”
DeMato: It was 110 percent because I was getting kicked off the show. We became really close, and I think she was kind of crying for me. It had nothing to do with her being in the bottom three.
TVGO: Will you two remain friends?
DeMato: I talk to her every day. I think it will be cute if people knew that, too, so they can get over the fact that we had gotten into an argu… little disagreement. Now, we’re really good friends.
TVGO: Was too much made of the rift between the two of you?
DeMato: It was blown out of proportion. We didn’t really know each other [in the beginning]. And we got to know each other and [realized] we’re actually very much alike. Everybody gets into argu… disagreements.
TVGO: Jason writes, “Julia, you’re beautiful รณ and hot! Do you plan on moving to L.A. to model, act or continue singing?”
DeMato: Absolutely. I’m going back out this weekend. I’m gonna start networking, and I’m definitely going to get a vocal coach and work on my stage performance. And I really love being in front of the camera.
TVGO: Anthony wants to know, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
DeMato: No, I don’t. I don’t comment on… No, I don’t.
TVGO: Erica asks, “Do you regret acting like a diva in the beginning?”
DeMato: I’m definitely not a diva. (laughing) My sister does not defend me in everything I do, I’m not a little cry baby…
TVGO: What about that time you lashed out at Simon on stage when he advised you not to bend over with that skimpy outfit on?
DeMato: That was a misunderstanding. I would like you to say that.
TVGO: Consider it said.
DeMato: When Simon said to me, “Don’t bow,” I thought he meant, “You’re really not that beautiful, don’t bow for it.” But he was referring to my top. I totally misunderstood what he said. I was going to apologize, but then I [remembered] that Justin Guarini did that last year, and I decided not to say anything. But now that I have the opportunity to [set the record straight], yes, I do regret that. I don’t want people to think I was being a diva.
TVGO: Moving on, R. Montgomery is dying to know…
DeMato: Oh, there is one other thing I would take back. The comment I made when me and Kimberly were fighting. I said, “Well, we’ll see who’s here at the end and who’s not.” That was really wrong of me.
TVGO: Okay. R. Montgomery is dying to know, “If you received an offer to pose for Playboy, would you do it?”
DeMato: (laughing) Oh God. No.
TVGO: Erin has more of a message than a question: “When you talk to Julia, ask her why she didn’t fire her stylist after the horror that was movie night. Crimped hair?!! She’s a hairstylist for God’s sake!”
DeMato: I did it for the ’80s theme. Personally, I liked it.
Julia, we liked you. Good luck in the future, and please reconsider that whole Playboy thing.