Woo hooo!!! (I mean I am sad that a marriage is coming to an end, but) wooooooooo hooooooo! (And just to clarify, No, I don’t think I have a shot with her, but I wish I did.)

Jennifer Garner, Husband Decide to Split
LOS ANGELES – “Alias” star Jennifer Garner and her husband, actor Scott Foley, are splitting.
Garner and Foley “have mutually decided to separate,” according to a statement Tuesday from their publicist, Nicole King.
The couple, both 30, met in 1998 on the set of “Felicity,” the WB drama in which Foley co-starred. They married in 2000. Foley is currently in the NBC sitcom “A.U.S.A.,” while Garner plays a spy in ABC’s “Alias.”
She co-stars with Ben Affleck in the movie “Daredevil.”
The fact that Garner, a presenter at last month’s Oscar ceremony, attended without Foley earned a mention in People magazine.
In a delicate evening gown, the magazine said, she left behind her tough-girl “Alias” image. She also “left behind her husband, Scott Foley, and partied with a pal,” People reported.