So I am competing with Hugh Grant now?!?! Dammit!

Actor Hugh Grant Wants to Settle Down
NEW YORK – After years as a bachelor, Hugh Grant said he wants to take some time off from making movies to concentrate on his romantic life.
“I’m ready, baby,” he tells Vanity Fair for its May issue. “I need to get married and have children. Put it this way: If I went to a party tonight and bumped into a fantastic girl ó whereas three years ago it might have led to a short-term relationship, now I definitely keep my thoughts open to the idea of settling down and breeding. Definitely.”
Grant, 42, spent 13 years with model Elizabeth Hurley, with whom he shares a production company, but the two never married.
He said he also wants to take a break from acting because it’s something he’s never loved, even though it’s made him famous and wealthy.
“I kind of hate it. In fact, I hate it quite a lot ó all acting, but especially movie acting,” said Grant, whose latest romantic comedy, “Love Actually,” comes out this fall.