If the guy in the band doesn’t seem to mind, why should I? Of course I guarantee you the record company will be pissed.

New Radiohead album hits web early
Radiohead’s upcoming album “Hail To The Thief” was leaked onto the Internet over the weekend, appearing in its entirety on various file sharing and fan sites, NME reports.
The appearance of the album comes two months before the official release date of June 10.
Their last two albums, “Kid A” and “Amnesiac,” were also available on the Internet several weeks before their official releases.
Guitarist Jonny Greenwood commented on the leak via Radiohead’s message board on their official site: “I feel bemused, not annoyed,” he said. I’m glad people like it, most of all. It’s a little earlier than we’d expected, but there it is.”
Meanwhile, the band has lined up a short tour of the U.K. and Ireland in May followed by a series of headlining gigs at several European festivals in June and July.
Plans are in the works for a North American tour in late summer or early fall.