Here’s the Biz on the Bizkit.

Durst Rethinking Next Bizkit Album
Limp Bizkit next Flip/Interscope album will likely not arrive on May 13 as was previously expected, according to frontman Fred Durst. Writing on the band’s web site, Durst also said the new album’s title could change at any minute. “The new Limp Bizkit CD is NOT called ‘BIPOLAR,'” he said. “It is NOT called ‘LESS IS MORE.’ It is called ‘FETUS MORE’ until I decide it shouldn’t be. Whatever I’m feeling it is on the day the artwork is due then that will be the FINAL title.”
On Monday, the group will return to the studio to record three new songs. “We just can’t stop the creative process,” Durst said. “As soon as we think we’re done some other phat ass riff come[s] barreling out of our amps. Next thing you know we have ANOTHER song. So there. It ain’t over till it’s over.”
It now appears more likely that Limp Bizkit’s recent collaborations with Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg may appear on the new album. As previously reported, the band will unveil the song “Crack Addict” and “one surprise song” Sunday (March 30) during World Wrestling Entertainment’s Wrestlemania XIX. Limp Bizkit will be joined on-stage by guitarists Head from Korn and Mike Smith from Snot, although a permanent replacement for departed axeman Wes Borland has yet to be named.
Durst also asked fans to phone his manager to give their suggestions as to what type of song should be released as the new album’s first single. “I’m feeling the majority of everyone wants us to drop a super heavy ‘TRADITIONAL’ Limp song first and some people want something TOTALLY opposite,” he said. “I’d like to hear what you think.”