This is why I was pleased at the prospect of Ron Mclean not returning this season. The segment is called “Coach’s Corner.” Not “Host’s Corner!” MacLean should have just shut his mouth and moved on. Instead he did what he always does: Forget that it is not

Cherry’s War Rant Not A Hit With Hockey Night In Canada Viewers
TORONTO (CP) — Don Cherry’s pro-American rant on the war in Iraq wasn’t a hit with Hockey Night In Canada viewers nor apparently with the CBC itself.
“The CBC does not feel Hockey Night In Canada is the appropriate place for discussion on the war in Iraq,” CBC spokeswoman Ruth-Ellen Soles said Monday.
Soles says CBC Sports executive director Nancy Lee and Hockey Night In Canada executive producer Joel Darling spoke to Cherry, the star of Coach’s Corner, and co-host Ron MacLean on Monday.
As of Monday morning, the CBC says it had received about 1,000 e-mails reacting to Saturday night’s Coach’s Corner, with about 60 per cent going against Cherry and 40 per cent favouring him.
MacLean could be in more hot water than Cherry, who at first refused to get into the subject of war, saying “I don’t want to go anywhere (with that subject).” But MacLean persisted, saying: “Everybody wants to know what you think.”
It started with Cherry commenting on Montreal Canadiens fans booing the American national anthem last Thursday before a game against the New York Islanders.
Cherry, wearing a tie emblazoned with U.S. colours, apologized on behalf of Canadians, saying that “years of pride went down the drain” with Habs fans’ behaviour.
Cherry also went at it with MacLean over the war in Iraq, chiding the Canadian government for its “lack of support to our American friends.”
“I hate to see them go it alone. We have a country that comes to our rescue, and we’re just riding their coattails,” Cherry said.
MacLean stood firm that it was Canada’s right not to go.
“Why attack Iraq if they haven’t attacked you?” MacLean said.
Calls to MacLean’s home and Cherry’s agent weren’t immediately returned Monday.
Both Lee and Darling were said to be out of the office Monday and not available for comment.
“I know they were going to address it but I don’t know what form that discussion took,” Soles said.