Does Garfunkel like him too?

Paul Simon Kind Of An Eminem Fan
Paul Simon may have lost to Eminem at the Oscars, but he’s not holding any grudges. Simon and Eminem were both nominated for best original song at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony–Simon for “Father And Daughter” from The Wild Thornberrys Movie, and Eminem for “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile, in which he also starred. Eminem won.
Simon is only somewhat familiar with Eminem’s music, but he likes what he’s heard. “I didn’t hear this album (the 8 Mile soundtrack), but I heard the one before this (The Marshall Mathers LP),” Simon said. “He was up for a Grammy at the same time I was–you know, it was the year that Steely Dan won a Grammy. He was up for best album and I was up, so I listened to that album, and I thought it was good.”
Simon, who attended and performed at the Oscars, is currently recording his next studio album in New York City.