Indy News!

Writer Frank Darabont talks a bit about the villains for the upcoming INDIANA JONES sequel.
Frank Darabont, screenwriter of the upcoming fourth Indiana Jones movie, told SCI FI Wire that the sequel’s 1950s setting requires different villains from those in previous installments, which were set in the 1930s. “Those pesky Nazis seem to have departed, which is a shame, because I like those pesky Nazis, because you can just squash them all over the place,” Darabont said, with tongue in cheek.
Darabont would not say who the new villains were, but assured that the tone of adventure would be consistent with previous Indy movies. “From the standpoint of the fun of it and the adventure of it, [there will be] no [change],” he said.
Darabont added that he has nearly completed a first draft of the script and that director Steven Spielberg is happy with his progress. “The reaction has been quite good,” he said. But the writer added that he is approaching the script one day at a time. “Right now, every day is like one foot in front of the other,” he said. “It’s ‘How do I solve this next scene? How do I get this next three pages in its best form?'” The new Indiana Jones movie is still aiming for a July 1, 2005, release.