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Doc Ock Talk
Steve Johnson, the prosthetic and animatronic effects artist for the upcoming sequel The Amazing Spider-Man, told SCI FI Wire that director Sam Raimi wanted a real costume for the new villain, Doctor Octopus. “Sam’s a fan [of animatronics], and he feels like the fans would prefer to see the real thing,” rather than a computer-generated image, Johnson said in an interview. “It’s a lot harder when you have a puppet, and you’ve got 18 performers on the set. It takes a lot longer to shoot than if you do it digitally.”
In the comics, Doctor Octopus wears a rig that gives him mechanical arms. Johnson said that Doc Ock actor Alfred Molina has been a trouper in working with the elaborate costume. “He’s strapped into a giant torture device, and he obeys our every command,” Johnson said.
The costume will undergo some changes, as the makeup team adjusts to Molina’s weight loss. “We’re having to re-cast him, [because] he’s lost so much weight since our initial molding of his body.”
The Amazing Spider-Man opens May 7, 2004.