Lets hope Leno gets it next!

Philbin Latest Eye Casualty
LOS ANGELES ( – Perhaps Conan, Craig, and the ladies of “The View” should make an appointment with the ophthalmologist, because eye ailments are tearing through the talk show ranks. First it was David Letterman with the shingles. Now it’s Regis Philbin seeing double.
On Wednesday (March 19) morning’s “Live! With Regis and Kelly,” Philbin told viewers that his recent focus problems have been diagnosed as the result of a weakening eye muscle caused by closure of a small blood vessel. Citing his neuro-ophthalmologist, Philbin says that the condition should clear up within six to eight weeks, but that surgery is often required.
Philbin began experiencing problems last week, but mentioned on his show that he’d had trouble meeting up with his doctor.
On Monday, in a conversation with his wife Joy, he joked that he “woke up with two women in my bed — and they were both Joy.”
Amusingly, Philbin was one of the first celebrities to fill in for Letterman as host on “The Late Show.”